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Engineering and supervising services in drilling and workover

In rendering services to both national and foreign customers, KMC Technologiyasy has proved to be a reliable and competent supplier of supervising services in drilling and workover.

Company’s specialists can effect the following works: on-shore and offshore drilling, workover, mainlaying and other adjoining services required for the overhaul construction of a well. Under the customer’s specification, if any, KMC Technologiyasy can offer a full range of equipment in accordance to the API standards as well as can recruit foreign consultants to monitor its mounting and operation.

All KMC’s supervisors on a regular basis undergo training and extension courses in the leading specialized centres in Kazakhstan and Russia. Furthermore, Company’s specialists have all the necessary industry certificates, such as “Ak-Beren”, Emergency Control Ministry, International Drilling Well Control (Astrakhan, Russia) and International Interindustrial Institute (Samara, Russia) etc.

When delivering drilling and workover services KMC is widely using recent software to control the whole process of a well construction, namely “Bursoftproyekt” designed by one of the Russian leading O&G software developers. Such software in a live mode enables to gather all the information on works done, their duration, usage of materials, preventive works to be conducted, technical difficulties and accidents occurred as well as on operation control of the whole construction process.

Rendering a full range of services full range of service

We render a full range of services on the cementing of oil and gas wells. The Company’s activity is aimed at qualitative and effective isolation of shields while lowering risks and spending and ensuring environmental protection. KMC actively takes part in the field of development and implementation of new well cementing technologies in geological cuts of various complexities, but certainly with high rates of cementation quality. Here at KMC we see a great potential in developing the given field of concern, which is why the Company’s management has taken the decision to expand the production facilities of the Cementation Department. As a result of such expansion, the contract on purchasing additional high-tech equipment which matches the equipment of the same type used by the leading Western companies has been signed with our Chinese suppliers. Thus, at the end of 2011 the Company is in possession of two complete sets of cementing machinery, which allow the execution of works of any complexity and of any volume in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as beyond its borders.

Equipment and components shipment

KMC can ship the high-tech oil and gas drilling and production equipment which meets the requirements of the international API standards. A broad spectrum of production allows us to choose the necessary equipment to meet your needs accurately . The high quality equipment and perfect engineering service make our Company a reliable partner.

KMC Tekhnologiasy is the official representative of Accelrys

KMC Tekhnologiasy is the official representative of the American company Accelrys, which is the leader in software development for modelling and processing scientific data. This data accelerates the discovery and development of the new materials and chemicals which are widely used in many spheres of industry, particularly the oil and gas industry. At present, theoretical and practical works on using the software in the field of the oil and gas industry have started. These works will permit us to interpret data obtained in the process of development of oil and gas deposits and drilling wells more accurately.