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Health Safety

Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

KMC Technologiyasy is constantly working on improving its HSE policy being in the line with the international HSE standards of the O&G servicing industry. Company runs a permanent Commission responsible for developing and implementing HSE policy binding for all the KMC’s regional offices as well as its contractors and subcontractors.

In order to maintain international industrial and environmental security standards to be strictly followed in the fields and algorithm of the Company’s employees acting in emergency cases, the Commission has drawn up and passed the Emergency Response Plan (ERP), Plan of Prevention and Liquidation of Oil Spills (PPLS) and List of Inspection of Used Drill Stem Elements (LIDT).

KMC Technologiyasy has obtained all essential national certificates on high industrial and environmental standards in the O&G service industry: Certificate of Conformation of Management Control System ISO 9001-2009, Certificate of Conformation of Environmental Management ISO 14001-2006 as well as Certificate of Industrial Safety by Ministry of Emergency Control of Kazakhstan.

Policy Provisions

In its HSE policy KMC Technologiyasy adheres to the following principles:

  • Acknowledgement of the priority of the employee’s life and health in relation to the results of the production activity;
  • Every person has the right to work in the maximum safe conditions;
  • Keeping a neat relationship with public organizations, state bodies and employees when solving HSE issues;
  • Minimizing negative impact on the environment;

Organization of labour protection, engineering safety and environmental protection

The complexity of modern production processes requires a systemic approach in the sphere of HSE standards at site. In this essence, KMC undertakes the following:

  • Creation of favourable labour conditions with minimum adverse environmental impact;
  • Maintaining proper and safe operation of the equipment at site involving its regular certification to secure its industrial and environmental safety standards;
  • Provision of safety measure at buildings and other facilities at site;
  • Obligatory distribution of means of individual protection among supervisors at site;
  • Working out an optimal labour-rest regimes;
  • Constant monitoring of industrial safety as well as environment protection measure at site;
  • Regular inspections of the equipment in use in terms of industrial and environmental issues;
  • Conducting consistent certification of KMC’s supervisors on their knowledge of HSE procedures and plan of actions in case of an emergency situation;
  • Development of a systemic measures plan on avoiding job-related injuries, occupational diseases and environmental protection.

Guidance on HSE policy provisions will be distributed among all KMC’s employees according to their positions. The guidance will include:

  • General requirements for the organization of industrial and environmental safety measures at site;
  • Requirements for maintaining industrial and environmental safety measures before starting the works;
  • Requirements for maintaining industrial and environmental safety measures in the course of works;
  • Requirements for maintaining industrial and environmental safety measures given the emergency situation;
  • Requirements for maintaining industrial and environmental safety measures on finishing the works;

Goals and Ways of Achievement

Main goals of the Policy are:

  • Prevention of accidents, emergencies and adverse environmental impacts;
  • Decreasing the risks connected with possible employee life and health damage, as well as environmental hazards;
  • Establishment of safe labour conditions at the work stations;
  • Constant increase of the employees’ professional level in the field of labour protection, engineering safety and environmental protection;
  • Constant improvement of the production safety state, as well as environmental impact prevention measures;
  • Provision of operating data for the purposes of making adequate managerial decisions, including information on accidents and emergencies.

In order to achieve these goals, KMC intends to, where applicable:

  • Conduct all possible measures on preventing emergencies and accidents, which can harm employees and the environment on an available and reasonable basis; and in case of their appearance – to undertake measures to alleviate their consequences on employee health and environment;
  • Demand from the contractors and their subcontractors the observance of the corresponding standards and norms in the field of engineering safety, as well as environmental safety measures;
  • Observe all applicable norms and rules related to safety measures and environmental protection;
  • Conduct constant monitoring and improve labour conditions, when necessary;
  • Provide sufficiently safe equipment for the resolution of set tasks;
  • Include all KMC staff in active participation concerning safety measures;
  • Create measures for safety and accident prevention at the work stations;
  • Develop efficient preparation procedures, as well as safety measure realization, in the fields of engineering safety and environmental protection.

The main attention of KMC is aimed at the prevention of accidents and emergencies. In case of accidents and / or emergencies, KMC relies on staff actions in eliminating consequences, minimizing damage, and removing reasons for their appearance.

Final Provisions

KMC management is responsible for carrying out this Policy, as well as achieving the goals set for performing safety measures. KMC management expects its employees to:

  • Observe the safety measures;
  • Act with proper care relating to their personal safety and the safety of the surrounding people.